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Why can’t we just enjoy our food in this country?

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Only organic for you!

Recently at my job, some fitness experts have come in and started evangelizing for clean eating. You know, the organic this and the organic that people. All I could think about was how most people in America and the world have no choice as to whether their tomatoes don’t get sprayed with pesticides or whether their burger meat comes from a cow raised on grass. They simply can’t afford to have these concerns. Hell, I can’t really afford to! Besides, most people I know don’t eat organic foods, weren’t raised on organic foods, and guess what? They’re fine. No chronic ills, no protuberant physiques.

They don't call it that for nothing.

I must tell you, I can’t stand the whole yuppie I’m-eating-holier-than-thou patina of the clean food club. Annoying! I choose to eat in the same manner as the author of the book"French Women Don’t Get Fat", Mireille Guiliano: reasonable portions of good food that I love. Even though I was raised like most Americans on a diet of burgers, fries, pizza, hot dogs and soda, I’ve discovered that I don’t love most of that stuff enough to make it a large part of my diet. I do however love wine, espresso, dark chocolate, olives, avocados, spinach, berries, mangoes, bakery fresh breads, tofu, soy milk, Greek yogurt, cheese, eggs, fish (especially salmon), chicken, hamburgers, beans, brown rice, and soup. So my diet revolves around those main items because I really, really like eating these things. I also load myself up with fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, and walk a half an hour a day and lift light weights.

Mireille Guiliano, author of "French Women Don't Get Fat,... photo by Craig Lee / SFC
It's a paradox wrapped in a crepe and washed down with red wine.

I absolutely refuse to have complex about the foods I put in my body. Who wants to be the chick at the party who can’t eat anything or worse has to lecture everyone about how they shouldn’t be eating their nachos because of the saturated fat? I mean, seriously, do we need to do advanced calculus on every morsel we put to our lips? Eating is as much about pleasure as it is about nourishment, but I think we’ve lost sight of that in America. I just want to eat and enjoy my food. Don’t you?