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Shytrovert Random Rant: Is Short Hair on Women Not Sexy? Somebody Better Tell Halle Berry

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I recently saw an article on Daily Mail where the commenters were raving about a Victoria's Secret model that had the AUDACITY to cut her hair short.  She's a perfectly lovely young woman and probably would be with a buzz cut, but some of these nut balls were saying she wasn't sexy with her hair in an adorable bob.  WTF?  I guess these are the same people who claim that Kim K. is a fat ass.  LOL.  Right.

If short hair is so unsexy, how in the hell do you explain Halle Berry?  She is not some exception either.  There's the young Mia Farrow and the cute-as-she-wants-to-be Ms. Cameron Diaz.  

To paraphrase Forest Gump, sexy is as sexy does.  Hair is just a small part of the sexy.   Sexy is the totality of the woman and that even includes her facial beauty and figure.  It's her comportment, voice, fashion sense – all of that plus that element of je ne sais quoi that makes a woman sexy.  Ask any man or lesbian, they'll tell you. 
If you think this isn't sexy, get to an emergency room, fast. 
You're very, ill

Take a woman like Jennifer Aniston, not a classic beauty by any means, but inexplicably pretty.  If I were to take her apart, her face anyway, the beauty is hard to add up.  She has a huge jaw, a weird nose, her eyes even seem a little close together, but the totality of her - glowing skin, vibrant blue eyes, and her fit, slender (but not too slender) body with its pleasant curvaciousness – well, it's no wonder she caught Brad Pitt's eye and is considered sexy well into her 40s.

Would Ms. Aniston be as fetching with shorter hair?  Possibly; who can say for sure? My point is nobody can say that short hair on every single woman is not sexy.  Maybe on some women it isn't, butI can definitely say that not every woman is automatically sexy with longer hair.   

I will say this, there exists a strong cultural bias toward long hair on women (as well as short hair on men).  Fortunately, as with many things in life, what we take for granted as the natural order of things isn't always so - nor should it be.



When Introverts Aren't Around Extrovert's Say the Weirdest Sh*t!

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Extroverts think and say the weirdest things about introverts when they're among themselves. Sometimes what they say moves from the odd to the downright nasty and mean.  A lot of extroverts assume if you don't talk much that you don't like them, you're stuck up, you're unfriendly.  All of these conclusions from you not saying a damn thing one way or the other.  Basically, if you're not fawning all over an extrovert like an overactive pup, well, you're just a big old nasty meanie! 


My husband has this syndrome really bad. He'll say of a grocery clerk who is all about business, not much banter, not nasty at all that "they're not that nice are they?"  I'm like, "Well, nobody has to fall all over me with small talk.  They're not rude, they're just not outgoing."  But to not be outgoing in the extroverted world is to be rude.  To me that's weird. 


Believe it or not, one can be polite and personable without turning on all syrupy, fake charm.  I truly believe that a lot of extroverts are faking that sh* too; it's manipulative. It's sociopathic.  I figure this is why it's so easy to take advantage of an extroverted person.  All you have to do is pour on the charm and they'll eat it up.  I'm just the opposite.  The more charming you are, the more I distrust you. 


Those people who jump in your face right away all friendly like and who barely know you often can't be trusted at all.  Usually I can tell when that type of behavior comes from a sincere place, but a lot of times it’s a way of trying to manipulate you or a way for that person to mask their own insecurities.  Whatever it is, I can't stand it.  Back the hell up, happy camper!  Nobody's that sunny without an agenda.


What do you think?  Am I just a hater and a meanie or do super ebullient extroverts have issues?