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Overheard on the Interwebs – Beware the Woman Who Hates Other Women

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A guy asks for some advice about a nice-looking girl he wants to date but who has a ton of male friends. He wants to know if he should be concerned. HELL YEAH. My opinion is that women who hate other women are obviously self-hating. Just like the black men who ONLY have a preference for white, Asian, or Hispanic women or any woman - as long as she’s not black like him. This isn't preference, it's extreme prejudice, in The Shytrovert’s humble opinion. But self-hating black dudes are another post altogether. As for this woman hating woman, here’s the advice given to the guy, let’s call him Romeo, who wants to get jiggy with the chick-hater:

“If a woman says she does not like other women, what that really means is that she is "competitive" with other women. This also means her own sense of self, and self-validation, is contingent upon receiving *male* attention. This is not a healthy indication at all.”

Can I get an AMEN?

“…be wary of any woman who has NO female friends. It isn't jealously on the part of other women - plenty of extremely gorgeous women have loads of female friends - it's her and her own insecurities. I haven't had friends like that (of course) but when I've met women like that I've always sensed deep-seated anger issues. One guy I knew dated a girl like that and when he dumped her (she was hot but psycho) she carved his name + "is an asshole" AND his phone number all over the bathroom walls of a bar. Actually, come to think of it, most 'psycho-chicks' I've met didn't have female friends.”

Preach, girl.

So there you have it, Romeo. Girls who hate girls are angry, insecure bitches who probably hate their mommas.


  1. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Have you considered that some girls who don't have a lot of female friends don't necessarily 'hate' girls, but rather don't get along with the girlie-girl personalities...the gossiping, petty, melo-dramatic personalities? The close girlfriends I have in my life don't get all pissed when I don't call them for months.....there is no competition/jealousy with/against each other. Growing up, a shy introvert, I found that guys accomodated this personality type better than girls....which is why I've had a lot more guy friends in my life, than girl friends. BUT, my best friends, are in fact girls...so there you go. And btw, I love my momma!!!

  2. I think you said it right when you mentioned that these women are basically insecure. If your not insecure - your not going to act all insane like.

    I have two sisters who talk to each other but they tear each other down all the time. It's not over men (just other things like how the other one looks) - but they just try to destroy each other. Both of them do have issues and I think the problem is they are not secure in themselves. Heaven forbid they say something positive about each other.

  3. Anonymous10:27 AM

    If your theory is not based upon scientific proof, then it remains just that: theory. The reason I relate to men better us that they are more real. We can agree to disagree and move on. Women like to play mind games and manipulate people and circumstances. My best female freinds are those in my family who give real advice, unconditional love and supprt. they are strong resilient women. I love all of them including my mother, who we respectfully call "Queen". Generilization does not equal truth.