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Overheard on the Interwebs: Newsflash Introverted Guys “Sensitive & Sweet”

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I have a new column this month that I’m calling “Overheard on the Interwebs” I am a chronic surfer of all things that interest me, introversion being one of my top interests. I came across this touching story about a young lady who befriended an introverted guy and came to understand the treasure that so many of us can be. For any introverted guy out there who feels under-appreciated by the ladies, I dedicate this, my first “Overheard on the Interwebs,” to you:

“I had a good friend in college who was an introvert. He almost never left his apartment. He didn't like going out partying, but we'd get a beer together once in a while or walk to Geno’s for a cheese steak. We hung out almost every day. He was a great guy. He was very quiet, very shy (especially with women) and very sensitive and sweet. We could really talk about things and open up to each other. I felt totally relaxed around him. I remember telling him that he's the type of guy I'd like to be with someday. I cried when he graduated and moved away. He has a girlfriend now and I know he's a great boyfriend to her. I'm really glad he met someone who "gets him" and accepts him the way he is. Hopefully I meet a guy one day that has those qualities he had. I know there are women out there (including me) who'd really appreciate an introverted, shy guy...”

Very sweet.

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    Thts so sweet! Nice article.