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I am The Shytrovert a proud, moderately shy INFP and this is my blog. I write about society, relationships, current events and how shy and introverted folks can cope in an extroverted world.


I’m OK, You’re OK, We’re all OK, OK?

For extroverts who derive their self esteem from constant social stroking, the shytrovert is a hated foil. We make them feel uncomfortable, and they’re not used to feeling discomfort in the company of others, so they lash out at us.  We’re wrong, flawed, conceited, aloof, cold,  unfriendly, and so on.  WRONG.  It occurs to me that only a jackass could hate a meek soul who is doing nothing but keeping to his or herself. Besides, science – and "Ask Alice" – have clearly stated that there are a many positive aspects to being a shytrovert: “Recently…scientists have identified positive aspects of shyness [and introversion]. For example, shy [and introverted] people tend to be good listeners and observers, and are more likely to think before they speak.” Not to mention our inborn cautiousness in new situations has served as a survival mechanism for millenia.  In other words, we don’t rush in where angels fear to tread, and therefore we don’t get killed off as much.  Hey, could that be the reason nature has allowed more extroverts to be born? Hmn...  *thoughtfully puts index finger on chin*

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