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I am The Shytrovert a proud, moderately shy INFP and this is my blog. I write about society, relationships, current events and how shy and introverted folks can cope in an extroverted world.


Why am I so Quiet? I'm Crazy, of course. You knew that...

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Ever wonder why nobody ever gets called out for talking too damn much?  Not in public anyway. Everybody just grins and bears loud people.  Oh, they'll say stuff about them, behind their backs.  But if you’re quiet, not bothering anyone, everybody wants to know why.  Well, if you’re crazy enough, like the Shytrovert, you can just start saying shit.  Crazy shit.  What kind of crazy shit?  How about these gems:
Why not act dumb, deaf or blind?  Their questions are asinine.
  • What?  Quiet!  I am not!   Who’s saying that?  Why I oughta! Let me at ‘em!  Let me at ‘em I say!!!!
  • What?  Why am I on a diet
  • What?  Why don’t I try it?  Try what?
  • I know you are but what am I?
  • What? Why am I such a riot?
  • Why don’t I fry it?  I’m not sure what you’re talking about but I can tell you that I recommend baking.  Baking is much healthier.
  • You have got a lot of nerve asking me that!
  • Why I never!
  • Why are you so talky?
  • Seriously?  How would I know?
  • The same reason that…did you hear that?
  • Oh my God.  Is it that noticeable? What should I do?  I’m so scared.  Hold me.
Faceless nutbar models the latest in crazywear.

After you get done spouting this nonsense, no one will ask you why you’re so quiet again.  The answer will be obvious: you’re insane. 

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