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Shy Fictional Characters of Note

As Featured On EzineArticles  Most people who were shy, love someone who is shy or are shy themselves know that living with a bashful disposition and navigating through a social world dominated by extroverts and outgoing types is no laughing matter.

From substance abuse to suicide, the ways some shy people have chosen to cope are heartbreaking.  Nevertheless, as much as shy people can be vilified and punished by the larger society simply for being, it has also rewarded us with some cultural touchstones that can help lighten our burden, at least for a little while.

What are those? Likable shy characters.  Here are a few of my favorites:
1. Shy Ronnie, SNL – of all such characters I probably relate the best with this creation of Andy Samberg formerly of SNL fame.  Ronnie is a painfully shy redhead who is also a rapper.  Unfortunately he always seems to clam up around his partner Rhianna, but as soon as she leaves the room he blows onlookers away with his awesomely aggressive rap style.  Like Ronnie, in my day-to-day life a gentle soul who’s bark is worse than her bite, but I let loose on this blog with bad words and everything!

2. Edward Scissorhands – As misunderstood android created by a lonely old man who dies before he can finish his hands, Edward, beautifully played by Johnny Depp says little but impresses with his ability to wield his sharp hands to create incredible works of art whether it’s a cool haircut or to create a hedge shaped like a dinosaur.  And even though people around him are cruel because he’s different, he remains gentle and kind.

3. Cat Woman/Selena Kyle – A beautiful and diligent single secretary Selena has a wild streak hiding just under the surface.  When she is kicked around one too many times by her evil boss, murdered even, she rises from the dead as the devastating anti-heroine cat woman.  Not exactly a villain not exactly a super heroine, Selena definitely proves that yep, still waters do indeed run deep.

So those are my offerings of interesting shy characters that make me feel a little better about myself.  What fictional shy folks do you know of and admire?  Share in the comment section, and let’s make this an evolving list together!