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Yeah, Quiet People ARE SNOBS

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Yes, I am a snob. All of us quiet types are, your worst presuppositions are realized. In fact, I am right at this moment judging your hairstyle, the way you dress, your shoes and your general demeanor; which I find lacking, terribly, terribly lacking.   Oh, and another thing, I absolutely am plotting against you.  At this precise moment I know every single thing about you, your family, and your friends; knowledge I have gleaned over a number of painstaking months specifically so I can fire bomb and booby trap your homes so you will explore into a million bloody little pieces.  Because, y'know, it's always the quiet ones. 

We're just seething with homicidal intent being our sick, pathetic, quiet, judge-y, and aloof selves with our superiority complexes, waiting for the blessed day when we can destroy you.  Why?  Because fuck you, that's why. 

Stupid extroverts.  You think the world revolves around you.  Why else would you assume that a quiet human being minding their own damn business, who has never even interacted with your dumb ass, would just erroneously hate you for no good reason?  We're stuck up?  Seriously?  You ought to know that the true, stuck up alpha type is a loud, preening jackass that wants everyone within earshot to know how awesome they are.

Quiet people don't care about being at the top of the social food chain; in fact, most of us think it's as ass backward as you are.  So, let me sum up.  We are not stuck up, we do not think we’re better than you and we are not rude just because we are quiet.  I am not obligated to listen or respond to your diarrhea of the mouth narratives, nosy personal interrogations, or overtures to mind-numbing small talk. 

If you're going to call someone rude, at least learn what it actually means.  Asking someone who is a complete stranger probing, personal questions is rude, talking all loud on your cell phone in public is rude, and asking people why they're so quiet is rude.  Not being an extrovert or a cheerleader-car salesman – TV host type is NOT.